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Candice Surface

Bangs and Bits (Existing Clients Only) - 30 minutes

Just a little clean up on the fringe. Please come with clean dry hair. Does not include shampoo or extensive style.


Existing Client Haircuts - 1 hour

This time can include maintenance haircuts or toning services.  Includes styling.

New Client Haircuts - 1.5 hours

Existing client transformational haircuts, or styles that require a bit more time. Includes styling.


Existing Clients - 2 hours

Root touch ups, and all over color refresh. Includes styling.


Existing Clients - 2.5 hours

Partial Highlights and or haircut. Includes styling.


New Clients - 3 hours 

Balayage, highlights and or haircut. Includes styling. Consultation Required.


New Client - 4 hours

Transformation colors. Balayage, rainbows, and or haircut. Includes styling.  Consultation Required.









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*All pricing includes gratuity

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